Physical Therapy at DSC

DSC Performance Physical Therapy is overseen by Kevyn Dean, MSPT, OCS.  Kevyn has 25 years of hands on experience, is the current USA surf team medical director, and is a board certified orthopedic physical therapist.  He believes that results are best achieved when an evidence based approach is adapted to each individual patient.


An evaluation of movement, biomechanics, imbalances, and an in-depth medical assessment is completed. More importantly each patient’s performance desires are taken into account prior to beginning treatment.  The result is a specifically targeted approach to solving dysfunction and relieving acute and chronic pain.   All therapists that are part of the DSC Staff are trained in:

Soft Tissue Techniques

Joint Mobilization

Functional Movement Assessment and Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Spinal Manipulation

Postural Patterning

Therapeutic Exercises

Modality Administration

Injury Rehabilitation

Return from injury or reduce aches and pains

Postoperative Rehabilitation

Recovery from surgery, restore function, and get back to your past activities.

Performance Therapy

Take your performance to the next level by maximizing how well your body moves and functions.

Injury Prevention

Prevent future injury by restoring imbalances and normalizing movement deficiencies.


whether you're recovering from surgery, injury, or want to enhance your performance--we are here to help!

We are trained in many of the latest assessments, treatments, and manual therapy techniques

» We emphasize a hands-on approach that includes a thorough biomechanical assessment of how the body moves and functions to determine what specific muscle imbalances and movement impairments may be leading to dysfunction or limiting your performance.  We then offer an individualized approach that produces amazing results.

Contact us today to set up your initial evaluation and let us start helping you to feel your best.

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